Anglo Arms Key-ring Knife Sharpener

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The Anglo Arms pocket sharpener is a compact ceramic rod system that quickly restores razor sharp edges on any blade.

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Keep Your Blades Razor Sharp with the Anglo Arms Pocket Knife Sharpener

A dull blade can transform even routine cutting tasks into frustrating struggles. Avoid the pain with the Anglo Arms pocket sharpener – the perfect portable solution for restoring a crisp, razor edge to all your knives and tools. (This product is primarily aimed at lower end knives, for expensive folding tools, we recommend whet stones and all the learning and irritation that comes with them!)

This compact sharpener packs crossed ceramic rods complete with both fine and coarse sharpening grades. The coarse side quickly grinds away nicks and dents in damaged edges, reshaping them for fine-tuning. The fine rods put on the finishing polish, realigning the edge down to a microscopic level. Just a few passes per side will have your blades shaving sharp again.

The non-slip rhombus design provides a secure, stable grip while sharpening. Rubberized pads on the bottom prevent sliding on flat surfaces. Weighing barely an ounce, it easily clips to a key ring, backpack, or pocket for anytime access.

While most small sharpeners remove too much metal or fail to apex the edge, the Anglo Arms sharpener uses the proper ceramic grades and crossing angle to recreate a perfect edge profile.

Maintaining your blades with regular touch-ups will also prolong their working life by minimizing large chips and damage that require grinding significant metal. Plus, the task becomes exponentially easier compared to resuscitating a completely dull knife.

The Anglo Arms sharpener provides these benefits:

Coarse and fine rods to reshape and refine in one tool
Non-slip grip ensures control and stability
Lightweight design attaches to key rings, bags, etc.
Fits in pocket or purse for daily carry
Quickly restores shaving sharpness to knives & tools
Prolongs blade life by allowing quick touch-ups
Don’t let your knives underperform due to neglect. Keep blades in top condition with the Anglo Arms pocket sharpener. Use it to maintain kitchen cutlery, EDC folders, gardening tools, and more.

Stropping and honing rods only straighten rolled edges temporarily. This sharpener removes metal to recreate the optimal angle and thickness. Just a minute a day keeps your knives cutting like new.

The Anglo Arms sharpener is an essential accessory for anyone who uses bladed tools. Don’t wait until they’re completely dull to resurrect them – touch up edges as you go. You’ll experience increased control, safer cutting, and more enjoyment from using properly sharpened blades. This compact sharpener makes it quick and convenient anywhere.


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