Boker Plus Zebra Wood Tech Tool 1


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Sleek Boker Plus slipjoint knife designed to emulate the knives from years ago – updated with modern materials and a gorgeous zebra wood handle.

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Blade Steel: 12C27 Sandvik Stainless
Overall Length: 6.5″ (16.51cm)
Blade Length: 2.75″ (6.99 cm)
Handle Length: 3.75″ (9.53cm)
Grind: Full Hollow
Finish: Mirror
Shape: Drop Point
Handle: Zebra Wood
Pocket Clip: Yes
Opening System: Nail Nick
Glass Breaker Tip

Zebra Wood Tech Tool 1

There was something mythic about the old slip joints our grandparents used to carry. Bone handles, stainless steel blades and timeless design. We know we loved those knives. This is exactly why we love the Boker Plus Tech Tool 1. It’s a back to basics slipjoint, only updated with more modern design, materials and blade steel.

12C27 Sandvik Blade

No more rust! The Boker Plus Tech Tool 1 comes with 12C27 Sandvik stainless steel blade polished to a near mirror finish. It’s hollow ground, drop pointed and fully sharpened. It comes with a nail nick opening system and Boker Plus logo on the blade. It’s a thin blade, and combined with the hollow grind it’s exceptionally good for detailed cutting.

Zebra Wood Handle

Updated with attractive striped zebra wood. The grip is excellent, while still being smooth and comfortable to hold. Fitted with a UK friendly carry slipjoint, this knife even includes a hardened glass breaker at the pommel meaning that this blade can double as a rescue knife in a pinch. Fantastic value! Comes with a pocket clip too.


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