Durable Aluminium EDC Carabiner Clip


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Robust oval aluminium carabiner with screw sleeve locks for EDC.

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Take along our strong aluminium EDC carabiner for instant attachment points wherever adventure calls. Measuring 8cm x 4.2cm, this D-shaped carabiner is crafted from extremely lightweight aluminium alloy for maximum durability with minimum weight. The oval shape and generous inner clearance allow you to securely clip bulky items with ease.

The spring-loaded gate uses a screw sleeve lock so it won’t accidentally pop open while clipped onto belts, bags, water bottles, keys or anything else you need portable. When closed, the safety screw sleeve twists into place to keep the gate securely latched.

Use it to hang weighty tools and equipment from your pack or belt. Or simply rely on it to keep EDC essentials connected. The minimalist all-metal construction means there’s less to wear out or break over time and use.

The D-profile design positions loads close to the spine of the carabiner for less side-to-side swinging. This makes carry more comfortable while reducing tangling. It also orients gates facing upright when hung vertically for convenient access.

Take advantage of these key specs and features:

Durable aluminium alloy body
Spring loaded gate with screw sleeve lock
Easy one-handed operation
Oval shape fits bulky items and minimizes swinging
Reliable hardware for EDC keychain carry or tactical use

Listing is for 1x carabiner. Bottle not included. 

Do more with less hauling and hassle by putting our aluminium carabiners to work for you. Order this essential EDC accessory now to upgrade your everyday carry setup!


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