Emergency Survival Whistle Keychain


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An ultra-loud 160dB metal alloy emergency whistle with keychain for hiking, camping and survival preparedness.

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Stay safe in emergencies with the 160db High Quality Outdoor Alloy Double Hole Survival Whistle Keychain, a must-have preparedness tool for hiking, camping and everyday carry. This compact, ultra-loud whistle produces up to a 160 decibel ear-piercing sound to signal your location in crisis situations.

The lightweight, durable metal alloy construction ensures high performance and longevity through years of use. Blast the whistle’s shrill tone during outdoor emergencies or to alert others when in danger. The lanyard keychain lets you securely attach the whistle to your gear, clothing, belt loop, backpack and more for quick access anytime.

The special pea-less double hole design prevents the pea from jamming while generating an extremely loud, far-reaching sound. Just blow hard into the end of the whistle to activate the penetrating high decibel alarm that can be heard up to 1 mile away.

Don’t get caught without an effective, reliable survival tool. This emergency whistle keychain is perfect for hiking, camping, boating, hunting, survival kits, emergency bags, everyday carry and more. The compact size takes up minimal space while providing confident protection.

Stay visible and call for help when you need it most with the 160db High Quality Outdoor Alloy Double Hole Survival Whistle Keychain. Order this essential crisis whistle today!


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