Froglube Knife Kit Ultimate


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The Froglube Knife Kit provides solvent, paste, jar and swab for complete knife cleaning and lubrication.

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The Froglube Knife Kit provides all the essentials for cleaning, lubricating, and protecting your knives and blades. This complete set lets you easily maintain peak performance and prevent corrosion.

The kit includes:

1oz FrogLube Solvent for deep cleaning. Removes dirt, grime, and residue from all blade surfaces and joints.
5ml FrogLube Paste to lubricate and create a protective barrier. This bio-based CLP paste prevents rust without leaving oily residue.
Clear jar for storing extra paste. Keeps it fresh between applications.
Foam swab applicator that reaches tight spots and gently cleans.
FrogLube products are made in the USA from food-grade ingredients. The solvent and paste work together to lift grime and then create a protective wax coating on metal. Suitable for knives, blades, firearms, tools, and more. Extends lifespan and reduces friction.

The convenient tin case keeps the kit organized for use at home or on the go. Froglube is trusted by hunters, anglers, bushcrafters, collectors, and home cooks to care for high carbon or stainless steel blades.

Keep your pocket knives, kitchen cutlery, axes, fillet knives and tools performing like new with regular cleaning and FrogLube lubrication.


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