LionSteel Torx Bits Keyring Set


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Keychain-ready T6 and T8 torx bits made by LionSteel for knife repairs and modifications. Get your LionSteel Torx Bits today.

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This handy keychain torx bit set from LionSteel provides T6 and T8 bits for knife repairs, modifications, and maintenance. Sized for easy everyday carry.

The bits are made from stainless steel with a bead blast finish. Overall length is 2.25 inches including the split ring.

One bit is sized T6 to fit smaller screws on knives, tools, and other gear. The other is T8 for larger pivot and frame screws.

Keep these bits attached to your keys or backpack so you’re prepared anytime you need to tighten a loose pocket clip, replace knife scales, disassemble for cleaning, or make modifications.

The included split ring connects securely to your keychain. Convenient to have close at hand when inspiration strikes to customize your EDC knife or multitool.

Sized to service all knives and tools using the popular torx screw heads. Especially useful for LionSteel’s TRE line featuring their quick changeable modular handle system.

Sturdy construction stands up to repetitive use. Packaged in a clear plastic case. Proudly made by LionSteel in Italy.

Equip yourself with the essential EDC torx bits for knife tweaks and repairs. The LionSteel keychain set covers T6 and T8 in a compact size.


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