Memento Mori Stoic Fidget Coin


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A weighty, bronze-plated brass coin with Memento Mori imagery for practicing Stoic philosophy and fidgeting.

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Introducing the Memento Mori Coin, a unique fidget and EDC coin. This bronze plated coin features a skull design on one side as a reminder of mortality, with the words “Memento Mori”, Latin for “Remember that you [have to] die”. The other side displays a skeleton horse with the words Carpe Diem, meaning ‘Seize the day’, symbolizing the passage of time and finite nature of life.

This ancient looking coin is a perfect addition to any EDC gear or challenge coin collection. Fidget with the substantial size, weight and spinning capability of this coin to stimulate focus or relieve stress. Contemplate the imagery to stay grounded in what truly matters by embracing our mortality. Let this memento mori coin be your daily spiritual and mental exercise to practice presence.

Made with care, the raw finished coin has a rugged, distressed look with bold antiqued details. It has been treated with bronze plating for richness, heft and shine that develops a patina over time with use. High quality manufacturing and design make this coin ideal for frequent handling and carrying.

Whether you’re new to Stoic philosophy or a long-time practitioner, the Memento Mori Coin is a meaningful tool to cultivate daily awareness and wisdom. this unique EDC and fidget challenge coin represents an empowering practice of living life fully without fearing death. Add this substantial conversation piece to your collection now.


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