Streetwise SOS Pull Pin Personal Alarm


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130dB personal alarm with bright strobe light that activates by pull pin for immediate and loud response in unsafe situations.

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Feel secure with this ultra-loud 130dB personal alarm that combines a piercing siren with a blinding strobe light to draw immediate attention in unsafe situations.

Just pull the activation pin to trigger the ear-piercing 130dB siren. At this decibel level it can be heard over 200m away. The bright LED strobe further draws attention.

The alarm unit has a non-slip grip that fits comfortably in your hand ready for immediate activation. Plus a keyring to attach to your keys, bag, or backpack strap.

This double deterrent of ultra-loud alarm and visual strobe light can cause confusion and disorientation for an attacker, attracting attention and giving you time to escape. Small and lightweight so you can carry it anywhere.

Keep this personal safety alarm close wherever you go – walking the dog, university or school campus, travel, car, and more. The pull pin activation makes it easy to trigger when you feel threatened.


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