Viperade VE25 Pocket Organiser

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Compact pocket organiser from Viperade with multiple knife and tool pockets with zippered internal pouch and D loop. 
Includes D-Loop, but none of the knives / tools shown in images. Just the pouch. 

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Dimensions: 10.8 x 16.2cm (W x H)
Material: Thick Nylon
Knife Pockets: 5
Main Pocket: 1
Zippered Pocket: 1
Colour: Black

Viperade VE25 Organiser

The Viperade VE25 Organiser is a compact, useful pocket pouch designed with 5 knife and tool slots along with a larger a5 notebook sized pocket and interior zipped pocket. The pouch is designed to hold a few daily essentials without being so large that it becomes bulky. Typically, we see people using them with a couple of EDC knives, a multitool and torch. But you could put just about anything in here that fits! We’ve even been seeing them used a slightly oversized wallets!

Double Velcro Hook

Beyond functional, these pouches are designed with a certain, tactical, look. On this one, you’ll find two separate Velcro loop sections designed for attached your own patches. We stock a couple to get you started, but it’s compatible with anything that fits in the space. Accessorise to your hearts content!

Multifunctional Organisation

More than just pockets! This pouch also includes a section of Molle webbing. Not really useful for attaching to anything, but absolutely perfect for hooking extra items on, things like pens, keyrings, compasses and again, just about anything you can fit.

Gifts for All!

These kind of products are great gifts for the tactical or organised people in your life. Or, you know, disorganized people too. It can only help right? Upgrade your, or a loved ones EDC today with the Viperade VE24 Pocket Organiser.


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