Zero Tolerance Slip Joint EDC Knife


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Experience the premium performance and sleek design of the Zero Tolerance EDC Knife. Elevate your everyday carry with this exceptional and meticulously crafted companion. Order now and enjoy the precision and quality that Zero Tolerance is renowned for!

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Introducing the Zero Tolerance EDC Knife, a high-class and premium performance carry designed in collaboration with Danish designer Jens Ansø. Building upon the success of the original 0230 model, the new 0235 offers an enhanced experience with its spear point blade and innovative double detent system. This sleek and extraordinary knife is crafted to Zero Tolerance’s exacting specifications in the USA, ensuring exceptional quality.

Spear Point Blade with Double Detent System

The Zero Tolerance 0235 features a spear point blade that combines elegance with functionality. Opening the blade is a breeze with the innovative double detent system. Two steel detent balls, one on each side of the blade, securely hold it closed during carrying. For controlled and smooth opening and closing, the knife also offers a half-open position, providing versatility for various cutting tasks.

Premium Performance and Build Quality

Crafted with precision, the blade of the Zero Tolerance EDC Knife is made from CPM 20CV high carbon stainless steel. This premium steel ensures excellent edge retention, corrosion resistance, and durability. The knife’s exceptional build quality, coupled with Zero Tolerance’s stringent manufacturing standards, guarantees reliable performance in any situation.

Sleek and Simple Design with Extra-Deep Carry Clip

The Zero Tolerance EDC Knife boasts a sleek, simple, and extraordinary design that exudes sophistication. Its streamlined profile and clean lines make it an eye-catching companion for everyday carry. The knife includes an extra-deep carry clip, providing a new and discreet way to carry this remarkable design. Enjoy both style and functionality as you confidently wield this exceptional knife.

Experience Zero Tolerance Quality

With its premium performance, sleek design, and exceptional build quality, the Zero Tolerance EDC Knife sets a new standard for everyday carry knives. From the spear point blade and double detent system to the deep carry clip, every detail has been meticulously crafted to deliver an outstanding user experience. Elevate your everyday carry with this exceptional knife that meets Zero Tolerance’s exacting standards.

Key Features:

  • High-class EDC knife designed in collaboration with Jens Ansø
  • Spear point blade with a double detent system for smooth operation
  • Premium CPM 20CV stainless steel blade for exceptional performance
  • Sleek and simple design with clean lines
  • Extra-deep carry clip for discreet and convenient carry
  • Crafted to Zero Tolerance specifications in the USA


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