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EDC Warehouse is a passion project. We love knives and Everyday Carry! We don’t (YET) have a huge range, and we don’t stock that many of any given brand. But! We do cherry pick the best items, that we carry the most often and find to be the best of the best. Below you’ll find the brands we stock, if you click, you’ll be taken to all the products we have by that particular brand. Happy EDC!

Acta Non Verba Knife Maker logo. It's a clever play on the letters ANV designed as a continuous up down wave/lline.
Bestech Knives / Bestechman knives logo in orange on a white background.
Golan Knives, bags and tools logo comprised of the big G from Golan with circles lines and stars.
Flytanium Titanium Add ons and accessories logo
Gerber knives wordmark in orange with their sword and shield logo.
Higonokami logo comprised of a sword, the Japanese words for 'higonokami' and a red circle representing a Japanese sun.
Holme & Hadfield logo. A clever logo comprised of the letter h mixed with the capital H.
Ka-Bar logo. A simple wordmark.
Kansept logo with conceptual spikey blade shape graphic.
Kershaw wordmark in red on a white background.
Lansky wordmark logo on white.
Lionsteel logo with the words merged into a lion head graphic.
Live Fire Gear logo with flame graphic.
Real Steel logo on white background.
Marbles Logo in orange on a white background.
Maxpedition Logo
NGT Fishing Logo
Olight Logo in blue on a white background.
Opinel Logo with their hand graphic on a white background.
The Pocket Shot logo with is a clever representation of a slingshot in action.
QSP Logo - Quality, Service, Price.
Red Rock Outdoor Logo with mountain range in background on white.
Remington wordmark on white background.
Rite in the rain logo on a white background.
Rough Ryder logo on white background.
Smith & Wesson wordmark with monogram graphic.
SOG Wordmark logo on white background.
Spyderco Logo with red bug graphic on white background.
StatGear logo in a gear graphic on a white background.
Vargo wordmark logo on a white background.
Victorinox Swiss Army Knives Logo on White with red + shield graphic.
WE Knife Co. Logo on White.
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