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  • Memento Mori Stoic Fidget Coin.
    Memento Mori Stoic Fidget Coin
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    Foldis Slip Joint EDC knife with hand rubber copper finish.
    Civivi Foldis Slip Joint Copper
  • Civivi Foldis Slip Joint Knife with black G10 handle.
    Civivi Foldis Slip Joint Black
  • Real Steel Solis Lite Slipjoint Knife open showing the wharncliffe blade on a white background.
    Real Steel Solis Lite Slipjoint Knife
  • Golan Gold EDC Knife Multi View.
    Golan Gold EDC Knife
  • Whitby Kent+ EDC Multitool Knife in olive wood as the central main image with smaller photos of the various handle colours closed places around the central image with all tools open on a white background.
    Whitby Kent+ EDC Multitool Knife


Featured Everyday Carry Product

Civivi Foldis copper coloured everyday carry (EDC) knife shown partially open on a white background.

The Ultimate EDC Tool.

It’s rare we find an Everyday Carry (EDC) knife that ticks all the boxes. Yet here it is! The Civivi Foldis is an incredible pocket knife. It features include a smooth, easy open pivot, slick copper handle scales and ‘cutting-edge’ Nitro V cutting-edge or blade.

This knife deploys via a front flipper that can be used easily with one hand. It’s fun to open, and fun to close. Yet, with a less than three inch blade, and no locking mechanism it’s completely UK friendly carry. Take it out and about to use it where the need arises. Perfect for opening boxes, trimming up loose threads and a whole variety of other purposes.

Despite the non-locking blade, it does stay open with a solid slip joint mechanism that provides a satisfying click when deployed. We at EDC Warehouse wholeheartedly recommend this knife. Up your game, up your Everyday Carry.

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Our range of folding knives showcases the perfect blend of functionality and legal compliance. With non-locking designs and blades measuring less than 3 inches, these knives are purpose-built to serve your needs while adhering to UK carry regulations. From classic slip joint knives to modern friction folders, our selection ensures you have a reliable tool at your side.

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At EDC Warehouse, we understand the value of compact, pocket-sized tools. Whether you’re a seasoned EDC (Everyday Carry) enthusiast or new to the concept, our pocket knives are the epitome of versatility. They’re ready to assist you in everyday tasks, making them an indispensable part of your daily routine.

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But we’re more than just knives. We offer a comprehensive assortment of EDC gear, including rugged watches that keep you punctual and stylish, high-quality pens for jotting down notes on the go, and versatile bags to keep your essentials organized. EDC is about being prepared, and our selection ensures you’re ready for anything life throws your way.

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