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Viperade VE25 EDC Accessory Pouch to help with your Everyday Carry. Black pouch with zip shown full of EDC knives and tools. Bestechman Mini Dundee slipjoint knife shown open with purple handle and black coated blade. Nice slipjoint non locking uk legal mechanism.

EDC – Everyday Carry UK Legal Pocket Knives & Gear

Holme & Hadfield Knife Deck Pro - Shown with lid and drawer open. Black wood model with knives and kit visible.

Store your everyday carry knives in style.

There is simply no substitute for the Holme & Hadfield Knife Deck Pro. It is THE definitive way to showcase your knives. Look. We know it’s expensive. But, everything about this case oozes class. It’s well built, and extremely premium.

Even unboxing it. It’s a luxury experience. Secure packaging, gorgeous documentation and an extremely satisfying process. It comes pre assembled too. No flatpack nonsense. Ready to go straight out of the box.

In fact, the main reason we stocked these is because I wanted one. So. If you want to display your everyday carry (or any knives really) the proper way (and we know you do, we get constant emails about knife displays!) do yourself a favour and get the Holme & Hadfield Knife Deck Pro.

You won’t be disappointed!

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Welcome to EDC Warehouse – Your Source for EDC Knives and Gear in the UK

Step into a world full of function and preparedness with EDC Warehouse! The one stop solution for essential Everyday Carry or EDC gear. We have a curated selection of outstanding folding pocket knives and a growing range of EDC accessories. Everything hand picked so you don’t have to stress! If we don’t use it, we don’t sell it!

Folding Knife Essentials

EDC Warehouse has an epic range of functional, easy to use and great looking legal carry tools. All knives are non-locking with less than three inch blades. Tools that are purpose built to serve your needs in the wild while staying within the confines of our slightly more restrictive laws. We stock classic slip joints, modern friction folders and ultra modern ball bearing designs. From premium materials to impressive super steels, we have something for everyone.

Pocket-Sized Versatility

We understand the value of compact, pocket sized equipment. Whether you’re a well seasoned EDC (Every Day Carry) enthusiasts, or newer to the concept, all are welcome here. Our gear is designed to be fully pocket friendly, with UK friendly carry designs. Perfect for sticking in a pocket and going about your day with minimal weight and bulk. 

Explore Our Everyday Carry Collection

EDC Warehouse is much more than just knives. We offer a wide and beneficial selection of everyday carry tools and gear. Everything from rugged military watches that’ll keep you on time. Through to high quality pens and writing implements to keep your field notes at hand. Everyday carry / EDC is all about being prepared to meet your own needs. Our selection of kit ensures you’ll always be ready to tackle whatever the day has to throw at you. 

Why Choose EDC Warehouse?

Legal Compliance: We prioritize your peace of mind by offering only non-locking knives with sub-3-inch blades, meeting UK carry laws. No more having to check that each product is suitable for your everyday carry. 

Quality and Selection: Our products are chosen for their quality, durability, and functionality, ensuring you have the best tools available. We test and use every single item that we sell ourselves so we know it works and what the best use cases are. If it’s not something we use, why would we sell it? As a result, you can rest assured you’ll get the best EDC for your money.

Comprehensive Selection: Beyond knives, we’re your go-to source for EDC accessories, making us a convenient one-stop shop. Everything including the lesser thought after options such as pens, torches, gloves, sunglasses and way more!

Expertise and Support: Our team is passionate about EDC, and we’re here to provide guidance and assistance in choosing the right tools for your needs. We’re quick to answer emails, and our resident knife expert is always on hand to answer any questions you may have. Be it helping you choose the right products, through to a chat about favourite blade steels. 

Try out EDC warehouse. Browse our hand picked selection and pick out the best and most essential everyday carry for your rotation. Stay tuned! More kit regularly and we’ll keep you updated with blogs for the best and most up to day carry ideas in the UK. 

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