Acta Non Verba Z050 DLC Sleipner Coated Knife


An outstanding UK friendly carry EDC pocket knife from Acta Non Verba with DLC blade coating. Available in Red, Black and Silver.

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Blade Style: Drop Point
Opening System: Two-handed
Lock Type: Slipjoint / Non-Locking
Pocket Clip: Deep Carry Reversible
Blade Material: Sleipner Tool Steel
Blade Hardness: 60 HRC
Handle Material: 6061-T6 Aluminum
Blade Finish: DLC
Handle Colour: Black / Red / Silver
Overall Length: 165 mm / 5,3 inch
Blade Length: 65 mm / 2,6 inch
Blade Thickness: 3 mm / 0,1 inch
Weight: 80 g / 2,8 oz

Acta Non Verba Z050 DLC Coated

When it comes to knives, few companies have what it takes to claim being ‘one of the best manufacturers’. But that’s where Acta Non Verba comes in. With a name that literally means: “Deeds, not words” they bring knives that show you just what they can do. As a company, the focus entirely on making knives that are exceptionally durable, with ultra premium steels, luxurious handle materials and super smooth actions.

Drop Point Blade

This is the plain edge version of the ANV Z050 DLC slipjoint knife. It features a sleek 2.6 inch / 65mm blade made from Sleipner blade steel. It’s designed with a sweeping and near continuously curved cutting edge with a high flat ground edge. The blade is precision made, and sharpened to a laser edge. It’ll stay sharp too thanks to the specialist steel. Similar to D2 it’s easy to sharpen, stays sharp and is reasonably rust resistant too. For opening, the blade includes a nail nick type system. Easy to open, smooth and luxurious in hand.

Diamond Like Coating (DLC)

This version of the knife has a DLC coating on the blade. Standing for Diamond Like Coating, this type of finish provides an ultra hard surface layer on the steel. It provides exceptional rust resistance. It also reinforces and ‘lubricates’ the steel which can help helpful with cuts in textured materials. This type of finish tends to be reserved for high end blades, and this, this is no exception. Also available in a stone wash finish if DLC isn’t your thing.

Premium Handle

The Z050 DLC comes with a variety of handle options: Dural Black, Dural Red and Dural Silver. Made from 6061-T6 Aluminum the handles are durable, cool to the touch and excellently finished. They’re smooth in all the right places allowing an extremely comfortable grip that doesn’t cause hotspots during use. A large pivot grabs your attention and also features a matching smaller circular hardware at the end of the handle. This knife includes an extremely deep carry wire pocket clip that is reversible for left and right handed users.

Slick Mechanism

This knife is set up with a slip joint mechanism with a double detent feature. It’s easy to open and close, but offers enough resistance in both positions to keep your fingers safe during use. Luckily, and in combination with the blade length this knife is legal to carry across most of the world. Of course, we can only speak for UK laws here, but we’re happy to say, this is probably one of the best UK friendly pocket knives on the market today.

From the Manufacturer

For us, the new Z050 DLC is a kind of look back at the time when the pocket knife had pocket dimensions. Most of our grandfathers and great-grandfathers carried such a knife somewhere in their pockets. A small, oval, elegant helper for every day. Those were the pocket knives of the past and same is the Z050. Thanks to its smaller size, relaxed and smooth shape with two-hand opening, it will never attract more attention than necessary. The blade, which we made out of steel Sleipner, will serve well in everyday activities, and the handle equipped with a double detent slip joint mechanism will allow the Z050 DLC to be worn even where the classic lock is already prohibited. Everything is completed by a deep carry reversible clip, thanks to which right-handers and left-handers can wear the โ€œfiftyโ€ comfortably. For the very first time, we have also prepared three different colors of the aluminum handle for you. Discreet matte black, professionally elegant silver and sophisticated bold red. Weโ€™re sure that you will be satisfied.

If you’re looking for more ANV, specifically their lock knives and fixed blades, please visit our sister site: Knife Warehouse!

Owners Review; Z050 DLC in Red

I snuck one of these from our stock to have a go with, see how it handled and if I was fully happy with them. It’s fair to say it’s one of my favourite all time EDC knives. I had a go with the red handled version, with black DLC blade as it was quite a difference from my usual tastes of all black colour schemes.


Right on opening the box you’re greeted with an assembly and quality control certificate. The knife is housed in a snug foam cutout in the box. It’s simple but elegant, if not an overly special unboxing experience. Other than that it’s shipped in a plain black box with the ANV logo printed in a gloss UV finish.

First Impressions

I noticed immediately when I first opened the knife that it was quite stiff. It’s got a strong detent that resists both opening and closing. My first thought was uh-oh, too stiff! But after a few open and closes it ‘bedded in’ to a smooth action while still retaining the solid open detent that keeps it from closing on your fingers.

Of course, I nearly immediately had to do a sharpness test! Which of course it passed with flying colours. Like a laser through standard a4 paper, and popping hairs right off my arm. Then the handle – it’s smooth and cool to the touch, with a bright red finish which looks absolutely excellent. The colour really pops next to the deep blacks of the DLC coated blade.

I carried this knife for several days, so I can safely say the wire pocket clip is deep carry and convenient. None of the brightly coloured handle sticks out from your pocket, and it isn’t thick enough to print it’s outline either. The clip is strong enough I was never worried about losing it, but also not too strong as to be difficult to grab quickly.


Most commonly, I found myself grabbing this to cut open stock boxes at work. We know the cliche; using your knives to open more knives. But it’s absolutely true. Of course it handled this easily. I tried making feather sticks, and the thin high flat ground blade made light work of that too. It’s a gentleman’s knife, for sure, so not much in the way of bigger campcraft jobs, but I suspect in a pinch it’ll work just fine.

In Conclusion

I would wholeheartedly recommend this one. Despite the fact we only sell what we would carry, this one feels extra special. It’s very well built. Smooth, and with no sharp edges. Everything is thoughtfully rounded and comfortable. I would have liked to see a thumb stud, but honestly can’t see how Acta Non Verba could include one without disturbing the excellent design. I’d give this knife 4.7 out of 5. For five, it would need to be just a touch cheaper.


Black, Red, Silver


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