Bear & Son Slip Joint EDC Knife – Blue


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Experience the modern design and classic functionality of the Bear & Son Blue Slip Joint Knife. Elevate your everyday cutting needs with this stylish and reliable companion. Order now and enjoy the quality and versatility of this trendy slip joint knife!

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Introducing the Bear & Son Blue Slip Joint Knife, a trendy little slip joint knife that combines modern high-quality construction with a time-honoured design. This knife from Bear & Son offers a 2.38″ high carbon stainless steel blade with a satin finish, providing both durability and sharpness. Featuring a convenient thumb slip for easy one-handed opening and a stylish blue aluminium handle, this knife brings together functionality and aesthetics in one sleek package.

Modern Design with Classic Slip Joint Functionality

The Bear & Son Blue Slip Joint Knife showcases a modern design while retaining the classic slip joint mechanism. This allows for smooth and reliable blade deployment and ensures the knife is easy to use. Whether you’re performing detailed tasks or engaging in everyday cutting needs, this slip joint knife delivers timeless functionality with a touch of contemporary style.

High Carbon Stainless Steel Blade with Satin Finish

Crafted with quality in mind, this knife features a 2.38″ high carbon stainless steel blade. The high carbon content enhances the blade’s strength and edge retention, while the satin finish adds a touch of elegance. Whether you need to slice, pierce, or perform general cutting tasks, this blade is up to the challenge.

Comfortable and Cool Box Design

The Bear & Son Blue Slip Joint Knife boasts a comfortable handle design that strikes the perfect balance between ergonomics and style. The blue aluminium handle provides a sleek and eye-catching appearance, while its boxy design adds a cool and modern touch. Enjoy both comfort and visual appeal as you confidently wield this knife.

Pocket Clip for Convenient Carry

Designed with practicality in mind, this knife includes a pocket clip for easy and secure carry. Whether you prefer to keep it in your pocket or attach it to your gear, the pocket clip ensures the knife is readily accessible whenever you need it. This feature adds convenience to its already impressive functionality.

Key Features:

  • Modern slip joint knife with classic functionality
  • 2.38″ high carbon stainless steel blade with satin finish
  • Convenient thumb slip for easy one-handed opening
  • Blue aluminium handle with a comfortable and cool box design
  • Pocket clip for convenient carry
  • UK Legal carry


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