Buck Canoe Dual Pocket Knife


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Traditional pocket knife with dual blades. Non-locking and absolutely ideal for day to day tasks.

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Steel Type: 420JC Stainless Steel
Blade Length: Spear – 5.08 cm, 2″, Pen – 4.76cm / 1.87″
Blade Finish: Low Satin
Weight: 2.7oz | 76.9g
Handle: Woodgrain with Nickel Silver Bolsters
Mechanism: Slipjoint

Travel Light, Tackle Anything: The Iconic Buck Canoe Pocket Knife

A Timeless Companion for Everyday Adventures

The Buck Canoe pocket knife is more than just a blade – it’s a legacy. Crafted by the five-generation Buck family, renowned for their unwavering craftsmanship, this traditional two-blade wonder packs a punch in a lightweight package (only 76.9g!).

Two Blades for Endless Possibilities:

This versatile companion boasts two distinct blades, each ready to conquer your daily tasks:

  • Sharp Spear Point: Its pointed tip excels at piercing tasks, making it ideal for unexpected challenges like opening tough packaging or clearing campsite debris.
  • Versatile Pen Blade: This all-rounder handles everyday cutting needs with ease, from slicing fruit to whittling a quick fire starter.

Built for Adventure, Made to Last:

The Buck Canoe is built to endure, ensuring reliable performance on every journey:

  • Durable 420JC Stainless Steel: Resists rust and wear, standing up to the elements and frequent use.
  • Classic Woodgrain Handle: Provides a comfortable, secure grip that’s both stylish and sturdy, thanks to its natural beauty.
  • Nickel Silver Bolsters: Add a touch of elegance and enhance the knife’s durability, making it a treasured possession.

Slip it in Your Pocket, Go Explore:

The Canoe’s non-locking blades and compact size make it UK carry-friendly and ideal for everyday adventures. From camping trips to backyard projects, it’s your trusty sidekick for any task.

Discover your new adventure companion today! Pocket the Buck Canoe!


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