Kershaw Pub Carbon Fiber Knife


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Minimal pocket knife from Kershaw with UK friendly carry / UK legal design.

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Blade Steel: 8Cr13MoV Stainless
Blade Length: 1.6 Inches
Handle Material: Carbon Fiber
Handle Length: 3.1 Inches
Overall Length: 4.5 Inches
Blade Shape: Wharncliffe
Steel Finish: Stonewashed
Grind: High Flat
Edge Type: Plain
UK Friendly Carry: Yes
Bottle Opener

Wicked Sharp & Ultra Useful

The Kershaw Pub is an outstanding UK friendly carry knife designed for true utility in your daily life. The knife is fully compliant with UK laws meaning it can be carried with you in most circumstances without specific reason. Despite it’s name though, a pub is not a suitable place for carrying a knife.

Sharp & Reliable Blade

Coming in at 1.6 inches, the blade on the Kershaw pub is discrete. It’s made from stonewashed 8Cr13MoV stainless steel and features a great level of rust-resistance and excellent sharpness. It’s built in a Wharncliffe style with very inoffensive tip profile and includes a well made high flat grind. A very good choice for this knife!

Modern Handle Material

If the blade wasn’t enough, this knife is equipped with a deluxe carbon fiber front scale in black with a bare metal back. Often called the ‘show side’ the carbon fibre is a great material for knife handles thanks to it’s extremely lightness and durability. On the back, the ‘non-show’ side, the lack of a scale means it’s completely flat. It’ll clip to a bag and lay flat against it which is a plus for some. The handle also includes a bottle opener, hence it’s name the Kershaw Pub.

From the Manufacturer

Designed by Belarussian custom knifemaker Dmitry Sinkevich, the Kershaw Pub looks like nothing you’ve ever seen. Closed, you’d never know there was a handy blade inside—although you would definitely see the equally handy bottle opener. And if you were exceptionally sharp-eyed, you might notice the slotted screwdriver tip right next to the bottle opener.

To reveal the blade, just push down on what looks like the key ring attachment. You’ll see the blade move out of the compact handle. Keep pushing and the blade will swing all the way out, ready for use. The blade is a modified sheepsfoot with a straight edge and clipped rather than rounded tip. The handle has carbon fiber front scale and a steel back.

When open, the handle is large enough for a comfortable grip on this slip-joint-style knife. When closed, the Pub is less than 3 inches long, but with a one-inch key chain attachment, making it easy to slip onto even a crowded key ring. Strong detent keeps the Pub closed until you open it.


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