Nylon Black Paracord Rope

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This durable 16 meter black 15kg paracord made of 7 strand nylon is ideal for camping, survival, DIY, repairs and utility use.

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Upgrade your camping and survival gear with 16m of industrial strength Black Paracord. This versatile 7-strand nylon paracord offers durability and functionality for a wide range of applications.

The flexible rope is constructed using a proven sheath over 7 inner nylon cores, giving it excellent strength-to-weight ratio. The black colour maintains excellent functionality, day or night. The supple cord resists wear and abrasion, holding up to long term use and abuse.

Use this rugged 16 meter paracord for securing loads on the move, lashing gear, making emergency repairs, fashioning survival tools, building shelter and anything else your next adventure demands. The compact cord unravels to reveal plenty of tough inner filament for creative problem solving in a pinch.

This quality nylon paracord excels for outdoor excursions like camping, hiking, hunting, fishing, boating, climbing and more. It also comes in handy around the home, shop or garage for DIY, repairs, securing objects and general utility use.

Don’t leave for your next trip without a versatile, high-performance cord – upgrade your gear today!


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