Rough Ryder Scout Jigged Bone EDC Knife


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Key Points:
Blade Length: 6.78cm
Steel: T10 Carbon Steel
Overall: 16cm
UK Legal Carry

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Steel: T10 Carbon Steel
Blade Length: 6.78cm (2.67 Inches)
Tip Shape: Drop Point
Grind: Full Flat
Opening: Nail Nick
Non-Locking UK Legal
Handle Material: Jigged Amber Bone
Handle Length: 9.22cm (3.63 Inches)
Overall Length: 16cm (6.3 Inches)

Charming EDC Knife

Explore the timeless charm and functionality of the Rough Ryder Scout Jigged Bone EDC Knife, a cool and traditional pocket knife inspired by a 19th-century pattern. Designed with practicality in mind, this knife boasts versatility with additional tools, making it an ideal companion for everyday carry.

Classic Design with Modern Utility

The Rough Ryder Scout Knife embodies a classic design with a modern twist. Featuring a bottle opener with a screwdriver, an awl, and a can opener, this pocket knife caters to a range of daily tasks. The two-handed operation and slipjoint mechanism ensure safe and legal carry in many European locations, of course, including the UK.

T10 Carbon Steel Blade

Crafted from T10 carbon steel, the blade is easy to sharpen to a razor-sharp edge. However, it’s essential to note that T10 is not stainless and will develop a patina over time. Regular cleaning and occasional oiling are recommended to maintain its appearance and prevent rust. This carbon steel option harks back to traditional knife-making practices.

Tiger Striped Jigged Bone Handle

The handle is made from strong and durable tiger-striped jigged bone, providing a classic and comfortable grip. The natural material adds to the knife’s overall appeal and durability.

About Rough Ryder Knives

With a rich history spanning over 25 years, Rough Ryder Knives is renowned for its excellent price-quality ratio. Named after Theodore Roosevelt’s Rough Ryders, these knives are ready for practical use. While the prices are appealing, minor imperfections in finish, particularly around pins with natural materials, are possible but in line with the affordability.


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