Coghlan’s Pocket Chainsaw


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The Pocket Chainsaw: Compact, efficient, and versatile – your essential cutting tool for outdoor adventures and emergencies.

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Unleash Cutting Power with the Pocket Chainsaw

For outdoor enthusiasts and survivalists, the Pocket Chainsaw is an essential tool that combines portability and cutting efficiency like never before. With a 20-inch stainless chain-link blade equipped with 26 sharp teeth, this compact chainsaw effortlessly tackles wood-cutting tasks in the wilderness or during emergencies.

Efficient Cutting at Your Fingertips

The 20-inch stainless chain-link blade of the Pocket Chainsaw is engineered for maximum cutting power. With 26 sharp teeth designed for both push and pull strokes, you can easily slice through branches, logs, and timber. Whether you’re building a shelter, gathering firewood, or clearing a path, this chainsaw ensures you get the job done efficiently.

Saw Teeth in Both Directions

What sets the Pocket Chainsaw apart is its exceptional versatility. It’s designed with saw teeth in both directions, allowing for efficient cutting on the forward and backward strokes. This feature minimizes effort and maximizes your cutting ability, making it a valuable tool in challenging outdoor situations.

Safety and Convenience

Equipped with durable polyester wrist straps, the Pocket Chainsaw ensures a secure grip during use, reducing the risk of accidents. It’s a safety feature that adds confidence to your cutting tasks. Plus, the included carry pouch allows for easy storage and transport, ensuring you have a reliable cutting tool wherever your adventures take you.

In summary, the Pocket Chainsaw is a compact yet powerful cutting tool that offers exceptional versatility in the great outdoors. Its 20-inch stainless chain-link blade with 26 teeth, saw teeth in both directions, and safety features like wrist straps and a carry pouch make it a must-have for adventurers and survivalists alike. Don’t compromise on cutting efficiency when you’re in the wild; equip yourself with the Pocket Chainsaw and experience the convenience and power it offers.


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