Portable Pocket EDC Slingshot


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This durable metal-framed slingshot folds down small but delivers serious power and accuracy for EDC, recreation or survival use.

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Take your marksmanship skills on the go with the durable, high-powered EDC Slingshot. Built for top-tier accuracy, this ultra-portable slingshot provides rugged utility for outdoor recreation and survival needs alike.

At the core of this premium slingshot is a sturdy metal body that minimizes frame flex. The rigid limbs generate serious power and velocity for long range shots up to 35 meters. An ergonomic wrist support brace allows you to fully stretch bands for maximum force.

Four heavy duty rubber bands deliver smooth, repeatable power transfer for consistent precision. A soft leather pouch helps centre your shot in the pocket. Just load, pull, aim and fire!

From its compact size to nearly indestructible construction, every detail is optimized for portability and performance. Stash this mini sling in your pack or pocket and enjoy target practice, small game hunting or survival readiness anywhere.

Whether you need a recreational shooter or a survival tool, the EDC Slingshot delivers power, accuracy and reliability in a conveniently packable format. Add this portable precision tool to your EDC today!

**As of writing, it’s legal to EDC a slingshot, however, please check the laws before doing so as they can change at any time. Also please note, this is NOT a weapon, and must NOT be used as one. These are toys for target practice only. Remember, if this item is carried with any intent to cause harm, it is automatically illegal.


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