50x Stainless Steel Slingshot Ammo


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These 50 x 9.5mm stainless steel ball bearings provide smooth, heavy hitting ammo for slingshots.

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Load up on high-performance ammo for your slingshot with the 50 x 9.5mm Stainless Steel Ball Bearing Slingshot Ammo pack. Each set includes 50 precision stainless steel ball bearings optimized for smooth feeding and hard hits downrange.

The heavy 9.5mm diameter balls deliver more impact force and superior wind resistance compared to smaller steel shot. Their flawless spherical shape also improves accuracy when used with compatible slingshot frames.

Crafted from durable, shatter-resistant stainless steel, these ball bearings withstand high speed collision and repeated reuse. They transfer maximal energy on target for hunting, target shooting and survival practice.

While providing excellent ballistics, the stainless steel material lessens risky ricochets versus harder projectiles. Just be sure to use proper protective eyewear and backstops for safe target practice.

This bulk set of 50 balls keeps you stocked up on smooth shooting, hard-hitting ammo perfect for dialling in your aim. Upgrade your slingshot shooting experience with competition-grade stainless steel balls today!


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