Stanford Outdoor Supply B.O.S.S. Mini First Aid Kit


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Ultra-compact first aid kit containing medical essentials for minor injury/pain treatment during outdoor activities and travel.

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This mini first aid kit packs essential medical supplies into a compact, lightweight case that’s ideal for hiking, camping, travel, and home first aid needs. Contains bandages and tools to treat minor injuries on the go.

Included in the kit:

Bandages: Knuckle, wound closure strips, gauze pads, rolled tape
Creams: Antibiotic ointment, burn gel, sting relief, sunscreen, poison ivy cream
Tools: Splinter remover
Cleansing items: Antiseptic pads, alcohol wipes, triple antibiotic ointment
Comes in a tear open, water resistant and resealable pouch. It easily fits in a pack or bag.

With all the basic first aid essentials, this kit contains vital supplies to treat cuts, burns, blisters, bites, allergic reactions, and other minor pain and injuries. Perfect for backpackers, travelers, outdoors enthusiasts, and home first aid needs.


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