Whitby Sailors Knife


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Key Points:
Blade: 2.75″ Stainless
~2.75″ Stainless Spike
Partially Serrated

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Steel: Stainless
Blade Length: 7cm
Tip Shape: Sheepsfoot
Grind: Full Flat
Edge: Combi Serrations
Opening: Nail Nick
Non-Locking UK Legal
Handle Length: 9cm
Overall Length: 16cm

Conquer the Seas with the Whitby Sailors Knife: Built for Adventure

Ahoy, mateys! Seeking a trusty blade as sharp as the wind and resilient as the hull? Look no further than the Sailors Knife, your compact companion for life on the ocean waves. (Or at home.. it’s UK legal afterall!)

Cut Through Anything

2.75″ Part Serrated Stainless Steel Blade: Slice through rope, tackle lines, and sailcloth with ease. The serrated edge handles tougher tasks like slicing fruit and cutting through knots.

Always Ready: Never be caught unprepared. The blade opens effortlessly and clicks into place securely, guaranteeing its reliability in even the choppiest conditions. The blade doesn’t lock, but it shouldn’t close readily on your fingers.

More Than Just a Blade

Unleash Your Inner MacGyver: Be equipped for any nautical repair with the built-in screwdriver, shackle key, and 2.75″ spike. Secure lines, adjust rigging, and tackle unexpected fixes with confidence.

Always Within Reach: Attach the knife to your belt or backpack with the convenient lanyard loop. Keep it close at hand, ready to respond to any maritime challenge.

Built for the Brine

Stainless Steel Construction: From salty spray to sun-scorched decks, the corrosion-resistant stainless steel guarantees long-lasting performance. This knife can handle the harshest ocean environments.

Compact and Pocket-Friendly: Tuck it away in your pocket or tool bag without weighing you down. The Sailors Knife is discreetly powerful, ready to be deployed at a moment’s notice.

Whether you’re a seasoned sailor or a landlubber seeking adventure, the Sailors Knife is your essential companion. Conquer the seas, tackle any task, and experience the freedom of being prepared for anything the ocean throws your way.

Order your Sailors Knife today and set sail for a smoother, more confident journey!


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