Cold Steel Large Tactical Gloves


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Highly durable and protective gloves from a surprise glove contender – Cold Steel!

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Cold Steel Make Tactical Gloves?!

Introducing Cold Steel’s innovative Tactical Glove, designed with a primary focus on hand safety, leveraging the renowned Tri-Ad® lock technology that made the brand a pioneer in the knife industry. Our first-ever tactical glove is crafted to provide superior protection without compromising comfort or dexterity.

Unlike conventional tactical gloves, Cold Steel’s offering stands out for its remarkable balance – ensuring safety and security without adding bulkiness or restricting hand movement. The palm is expertly crafted from smooth goatskin leather, delivering unparalleled grip and comfort for a seamless experience.

The gloves’ top and back feature cutting-edge design, incorporating cut and impact resistance throughout, extending seamlessly to the fingertips. This level of protection is achieved through the use of 5mm Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR), providing robust defense against mishaps with your knives! Note though, these are not cut proof gloves, they’re just another layer of safety!

Discover the perfect fit for your hands with the Cold Steel Tactical Gloves adjustable hook and loop closure, allowing you to customize the snugness to your liking. Experience uncompromised hand safety with Cold Steel – where innovation meets comfort in the realm of tactical gear.

Enhance your hand protection with Cold Steel’s Tactical Gloves, ensuring optimal safety and performance in any tactical situation. Order your pair today and embrace the cutting-edge technology that Cold Steel is renowned for.


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