Atwood Rope MFG Paracord Zombie Outbreak


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Zombie Outbreak Paracord: Neon green, black, and unbreakable—a cordage that adds strength and style to your adventures and creations.

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Prepare for the Apocalypse with Zombie Outbreak Paracord

When it’s time to face the undead or tackle any outdoor adventure, trust the Zombie Outbreak Paracord to keep you in control. This vibrant neon green and black paracord is your go-to tool for survival, crafting, and everything in between. (Obviously, we don’t actually think Zombies are real, so this is purely for fun!)

Strength and Resilience

With a robust 550-pound rating, the Zombie Outbreak Paracord is your reliable lifeline in tough situations. Its seven-strand construction ensures durability and versatility. Whether you’re securing your gear, crafting survival essentials, or adding a pop of color to your projects, this paracord has the strength you need.

Eye-Catching ‘Zombie Outbreak’ Colorway

Stand out from the crowd with the Zombie Outbreak Paracord’s eye-catching neon green and black color scheme. Please note that the color may vary slightly due to dye lots, adding an element of uniqueness to your creations.

Quality You Can Rely On

Manufactured with precision and care, the Zombie Outbreak Paracord is made to meet the highest standards. Crafted from durable nylon, it’s designed to withstand the rigors of the outdoors, ensuring that it’s always there when you need it.

Endless Possibilities

From crafting zombie-themed bracelets to securing your survival gear, this 100-foot paracord offers endless possibilities. Be prepared for the apocalypse or showcase your creativity with crafts and projects that demand durability and flair.

In conclusion, the Zombie Outbreak Paracord is more than just cordage—it’s a statement piece that adds strength and style to your adventures and creations. Trust in its resilience, rely on its versatility, and prepare for anything with the Zombie Outbreak Paracord.


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